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Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Job With Housing Included-The Nanny

Although it's a little late in the season, there are still summer nanny positions available.  Live-in positions for the summer are focused on keeping the children entertained, transporting to lessons and activities and staying on track with summer reading lists as well as keeping those academic skills honed.  Nannies should be flexible and willing to go with the flow while still providing the children with structure. Most nannies are asked to pitch in around the house even if this is limited to cleaning up after the children.  Nannies should have basic CPR and first aid training and an understanding of sanitation, health and hygiene. Background checks for the nanny and the family are a wise move for everyone. Summer nannies  are often invited to join the family on holiday with their expenses paid which is a nice perk!  Willingness to search out stimulating activities and encouraging creative learning activities at home will earn high marks for any summer nanny.  Live-in nannies should expect a private room and bath and preferably a private entrance.  Cable, internet and laundry access are also common and reasonable expectations.  Occasionally a family will provide access to a car or other perks such as membership to gyms.  As of this morning all of these sites were listing summer nanny positions:

The wonderful thing about summer nanny jobs is their great potential to turn into an easy winter holiday job!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"The Most Dangerous Job In The World"- A Summer Job With Housing!

We've all seen the cable network shows of life on the fishing boats, not for the faint of heart!  However if you love to challenge yourself and belief you have what it takes to make it on a fishing vessel then this may be the summer job for you.  For anyone wanting to be part of the action while staying on dry land there are also positions at the seafood processors in Alaska.  Seasons vary to fish and salmon run from early summer to autumn.  Carefully read the employers requirements ahead of time as well as what benefits they offer their crews.  Most provide housing, some provide meals. Often airfare is provided from cities in the Pacific Northwest.  You may also be provided equipment and protective gear or given means to obtain it.  Be advised that living aboard a fishing vessel is not for those that value their privacy.  Quarters are tight and shared, the good news is that you will probably be too exhausted to even care. Working at the seafood processors may offer a little more space and freedom but the work is still physically demanding.  The Alaska Department of Labor has an excellent website with detailed information about all types of positions in this industry.  Here you will also find links to company websites and career fairs; it's definitely worth your time to review it if you'd like to pursue an adventure for your summer job this year!

Alaska Department of Labor Job Center Network

Clipper Seafood Fishing Vessels

E & E Foods Seafood Processors

This is just a sample of those currently recruiting, again the Alaska Department of Labor website is a remarkable resource.  So cast your line and reel in a  great summer job with housing!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp Jobs With Housing Included

Today's post is focused on Camp Jobs.  Although it may be a little late in the season, there are still plenty of camp jobs available.  Often camps need to recruit for second session or they may have had a change in staffing and need to fill a position quickly.  Camp counselor is a favorite for those looking for a seasonal job with housing.  Wonderful memories and lifetime friendships are the norm among staff and campers alike.  If working in a cabin with campers isn't your thing, there are plenty of support positions in transportation, health, culinary, laundry and maintenance.  Of course, it may be so great that you won't want to leave, in which case there are dozens of camps that recruit for year-round positions.  These job boards listed openings as of this morning and with just a little keyboard time you're certain to find many more.

American Camping Association

Summer Camp Jobs

Camp Channel

YMCA Camp Estes in the Rockies

So pack your swimsuit, grab some hiking boots and bring on the s'mores!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Jobs With Housing That Let You Sail Into The Sunset!

Summer is high-season for the cruise industry and despite the recent difficulties every day thousands of excited vacationers sail off for adventure and to explore wonderful destinations. Of course ships don't run themselves and so naturally there is a high demand for crew members during this season. Cruise ships are often referred to as "floating cities" and that they are. Practically any type of job you can imagine will be available on a cruise ship from medical to culinary. Enjoy working with kids? Be a youth counselor. You know how to light up a stage? Entertainment positions galore. Nobody makes a better margarita than you? Plenty of drinks need to be mixed here! Of course, there are numerous behind the scenes jobs as well from security to mechanical...... somebody has to keep the engines running. If spending a season aboard a cruise ship sounds ideal, there's a few things to keep in mind. Crew quarters are provided and as in yesterday's post on resort jobs, you should expect to have a cabin mate. There's usually a separate dining area for the crew as well as a lounge and sometimes a crew only work-out area. Expect the hours to be long and the views to be amazing. As of today, here are of a few of the cruise lines with active postings: Disney Cruise Lines Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Viking River Cruises American Cruise Lines In your searches don't forget that working on a riverboat for a season could also offer up an unforgettable job with housing. If you're ready to set sail, then search engines full speed ahead for phrases such as cruise line jobs and riverboat careers!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Its Not Too Late For A Summer Job With Housing Included

Worried that you've missed your chance for a summer job with free housing?  A quick look around various job boards this morning revealed plenty of seasonal jobs with housing. The next few days will be spent looking at different opportunities still available.

Today's post is about resort jobs with housing.  These jobs are focused on the service industries and obviously cater to vacationers and tourists.  Jobs are plentiful in food service, with positions such as host, cooks, baristas and wine stewards. You'll also find outdoor jobs as sports equipment rentals agents, lifeguards and recreation activity leaders.  Don't forget transportation, reservations, grounds, the list goes on and on. Housing is usually dorm style so you should expect to have a roommate or two. Sometimes housing and meals are completely free, sometimes employers deduct a small amount from each check to help cover room and board.  Wages are often a base salary and tip share from the guests who appreciated the way you always greeted them with a smile!  Uniforms for employees are standard as well as plenty of free time to enjoy amenities and local attractions.  As of this morning, these are just a few of the resorts that are actively recruiting and they offer housing to employees.

Glacier Park, Inc.


Yellowstone Lodge

The Island House

Chena Hot Springs

Club Med

Again, this is a very small sample of the jobs available.  Visit your good friend google, plug in resort jobs with housing and find yourself a good job and a great adventure!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Why Focus on Jobs with Housing Provided?

The question has been asked, "What is the audience for this blog?".  The obvious answer, of course, is people looking for jobs with free housing! This could be a pretty broad spectrum of folks including:

  • Recent college graduates who are unable to find employment that supports independent living and have returned to live at their parents' home.  (Also known as boomerang kids)         

  • Older single adults experiencing a change in their relationships, finding themselves alone and trying to make ends meet on a single income.

  • Individuals whose unemployment benefits have ended and are unable to maintain their housing.

  • Anyone wanting to save money for a nest egg by cutting living expenses! (Retirement, buying a first home, etc......)

The motivation behind the creation of the blog was a segment on a news talk show.  The host was interviewing a woman who looked to be in her early 40's and she identified herself as a "99er", an individual that had used all her unemployment benefits while looking for work.  She lived in a town with a high unemployment rate, was unable to find work and couldn't afford to relocate to look for a job.  She knew that if there wasn't some miraculous intervention soon that she would be evicted from her home, lose her deposits and have absolutely nowhere to turn.  The panic and fear in this woman's face left an impression. She was literally counting down the days until she would be forced to the streets.  Within a two year period she would go from being an office manager to a homeless person living in her car.  That woman is why this blog is being written.  There are live in job opportunities for everyone and often the employer will pay for relocation.  But you have to know where to look for these jobs and what magical keywords will help you filter through the massive job boards to get to the employers with live in job opportunities.  The new job board will be a tool that  makes it easier to locate just the right job because it will only post jobs with housing.  Meanwhile, this blog will provide information and resources for those that are looking for JobsWithHousing and the Twitter feed will offer a daily job posting, please feel free to follow us @jobswithhousing or look over the recent tweets of available jobs.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Jobs With Housing

The JobsWithHousing blog is a reality.  Its dedicated to any and all types of jobs that include housing as part of the employee's compensation.  There are a myriad of different reasons why a job seeker would look for a job with housing.  Not the least of which are the  millions of young college graduates that have returned to their parents' home unable to support themselves on a minimum wage job.

The blog will focus on twenty categories of types of jobs that provide housing so there should be something for everyone. If you are looking for a job with housing now I'd like to suggest that you try the Indeed search bar with these terms:

"living quarters"
"staff housing"
"employee housing"
"staff accommodations"
"employee accommodations"
"room & board"
"room and board"
"housing provided"
"apartment provided"

The tricky part of going this route is there is no standard language for these type of positions.  Your keywords could be practically any combination of these words and you often have to sort through and filter your results which is why there is the need for this blog.

My second suggestion is a little ebook called, "How Broke College Graduates Can Move Out of Their Parents' House"    It's a readable resource guide geared toward young adults although anyone in need of a job and housing should find it useful. It is available on Amazon Select for less than a dollar to make it accessible to anyone that may be in need of the information.

I'm also tweeting a job of the day if you'd like to follow!

Happy Hunting!